Getting Your Health Back On Track During The Pandemic

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Whether you are still working from home, sheltering at home, or are in one of the many phases of reopening, most of us have let our health fall by the wayside since the pandemic began. These tips will help you get your health and wellbeing back on track.

Create A Sleep Schedule

You may not have gone to bed at the same time every night, but pre-pandemic you at least woke up at the same time each day. If you are laid-off or working from home, you may be getting up whenever you feel like it. However, getting up and heading to bed within the same 30 minutes or so each day helps our body to create a sleep rhythm, so it’s time to commit to a sleep schedule.

Aim for between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Use a regular alarm clock, instead of using your phone as your alarm to minimize nighttime gaming, web browsing, and to ensure that the first thing you do each morning isn’t checking your email. Instead of a jarring alarm, ease into your day with an alarm clock that simulates the sunrise.

getting health back on track

Ease Into Sleep

In addition to a sleep schedule, create a PM routine that is conducive to sleep. Start winding down at least 2 hours before you head to bed. This means silencing electronics other than your eReader. While we must remain informed, no watching or reading the news or anything stressful during these last 2 hours, if possible. Do something relaxing such as taking an Epsom salt bath, gentle stretching, meditation, or listening to light music.

Also, make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. If you and your partner prefer different sleep temperatures, invest in a heated or cooling mattress pad with individual controls for each side of the bed. Make sure light is kept to a minimum with a sleep mask or room darkening curtains. If it’s too noisy, listen to a soothing sound machine or wear earplugs. Finally, ensure your PJs, bed, and pillow are comfortable.

getting health back on track

Prioritize Nutrition

Your body is beautiful at every size and we must always love the body we are in, but it’s time to take pandemic stress-eating down a notch. Instead of going on a fad diet, prioritize your nutrition.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water or unsweetened herbal tea each day
  • Stock up on healthy snacks that you love, and keep unhealthy snacks to a minimum
  • Try to minimize ordering out and cook instead
  • Explore new veggies, grains, and whole food recipes
  • Try going meatless a few days a week
  • Find a few local restaurants that offer healthy options for pickup or delivery when you need a change of pace.
  • When you indulge in sweets, fried foods, and adult beverages remember moderation is important. It shouldn’t be an everyday thing.

Along with nutrition it is also very important to incorporate exercise a few days a week. Whether it is walking, jogging or jumping on a cardio machine find what works best for you. Include some strength training as well. You can also try a mirror trainer like the Echelon® Reflect Mirror which is like having a personal trainer in your home.

health back on track

Ease Stress And Anxiety

Everything in our lives has been turned upside down. From financial stress to job security, homeschooling kids, health concerns, safety concerns, being separated from friends and family, and the heartbreak of canceled plans. It is one of the most uncertain times most of us have ever faced, meaning stress and anxiety are higher than usual. Stress and anxiety can have a major effect on our health, so reducing it is very important for our overall wellbeing.

To regain some balance and peace of mind you must take both a reactive and proactive approach to managing stress. There is no one size fits all solution, so identify what works for you, which is likely a combination of things. It is the perfect time to try new stress relieving activities. You can try listening to soothing music, arts and crafts, regular exercise, yoga, meditation, socializing with loved ones, minimizing additional stressors, and more.

getting health back on track

Explore Your Possibilities

Mindset is very important when it comes to times like these. A positive mindset can effect your overall wellbeing in a good way. You must always remember there is always opportunity in times of adversity. As challenging as it may be, we must focus on the possibilities. Now that we are a few months in, it is time to accept what you cannot control and focus on what you can. If you have been laid off from work, consider what you want to do next. This might mean going back to school, pursuing a new line of work, or launching your own business. If you struggled to maintain your balance before the pandemic, now is time to reconsider your priorities and ensure that where you invest your time accurately reflects your priorities.

With the extra time at home, do a few of the things you never had time for. Work your way through your reading list, tackle a large DIY home project, reconnect with old friends, plant a garden, and take time to relax and pamper yourself. It’s the perfect time to learn anything you have always wanted, since everything is virtual now. Stream guitar lessons, take a cooking class with a chef through Airbnb experiences, learn how to knit on YouTube, or work with a life coach to increase your self-love, work through a challenging decision, or boost your confidence.

I hope this helps you get your health and well being back on track during this time of uncertainty!

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