How To Make The Move To Green And Clean Beauty

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Green and Clean Beauty

As you look for ways to improve your health you must consider green and clean beauty alternatives. Yes, you want products that work—but you also want products that are healthy for your body and environmentally friendly. Here are just a few changes you can make to switch to green beauty and self-care.

Also I just wanted to let you know this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through these links will award me a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Clean Skincare And Daily Products

It’s time to do your homework and find clean soaps, moisturizers, facial cleansers, anti-aging products, lip balm, deodorant, and even toothpaste. While many skin care products work, they are often filled with toxins that are absorbed through our skin. These daily products add up quickly, leaving the average women applying 12 products a day, containing over 160 toxic chemicals. That’s a lot of daily toxins!

Not to worry as you have plenty of healthy and effective alternatives. Some brands include Burt’s Bees, Alba Botanica, Shea Moisture, and Tom’s of Maine. When it comes to green deodorant, you may have to test a few to find what works for you but Schmidt’s is one popular brand. Check out this blog post I did which talks more about making the transition to a natural deodorant.

Green and Clean Beauty

Green Makeup

The goal with clean beauty doesn’t have to be 100% but to make positive strides. That being said, there are a lot of great clean makeup brands to choose from. This includes non-toxic nail polish like Karma Naturals, who also has acetone-free polish remover. There is also a long and growing list of natural and organic makeup brands. Some are lines from brands we know and love who have natural product lines, like Physicians Formula Organic Wear, or entirely clean beauty brands like 100% Pure and Ecco Bella. Finally, don’t forget your daily fragrances. Perfume often contains toxins, as well as any beauty products that aren’t scented with pure essential oils. You might already have a go-to fragrance, and that’s ok—but at least test a few oil-based or essential oil alternatives. Yes, there are blends that don’t smell too earthy.

There are many clean skincare and makeup products that pop up everyday and it can be hard to figure out which one to try first, or which one is right for you. An easy way to try many different products at once is by joining a subscription box. This will give you the opportunity to try more products at a better price then having to buy each product individually.

The Clean Beauty Kit is a subscription box that will send you 8-10 full size items each month. Click this link to join the Clean Beauty Kit subscription box to start receiving clean beauty products each month.

Green Haircare Products

Now that we have covered what we apply to our skin, we must consider what we apply to our hair. When it comes to your hair, just as with skincare, you may find that natural and organic options work better. Select your products not just for how clean or green they are, but also for your hair type. For curly hair, choose a curly hair product. Or choose what addresses your needs, like a product for chemically dyed or chemically treated hair. If not a fully green product, look for products that don’t test on animals—and are free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and propylene glycol. These ingredients aren’t just bad for the environment and your body, but over time they damage and dry your hair.

Minimize Disposables

Most of us use quite a few disposable beauty accessories, such as cotton rounds and cotton swabs. Swap these out for bamboo cotton swabs with biodegradable cotton buds or give silicone ear swabs a try. Also, switch to washable cotton rounds instead of disposable cotton rounds. If you have grown accustomed to using disposable face cloths to remove your makeup, consider making your own DIY solution from witch hazel, aloe vera, and castile soap—and use washable cotton rounds or a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup each night. Also be mindful of other beauty disposables, like sheet face masks. They may work wonders but aren’t green, so making your own face masks would be a better option.

make the switch to Green products

Green Period Care

There have never been more ways to green your period! For traditional products, look for applicator-free or BPA free tampons and disposable products made from organic cotton. If you haven’t yet, explore your options in reusable period products. This includes washable period panties. Yes, you can find thongs too! You can also find washable pads and body-safe silicone menstrual cups that can be worn for 12 hours a day.

Use All Of Your Products

Green or not, letting a beauty product go bad is wasteful. If you have something you aren’t going to use, give it to a friend or family member who will. Another way I maximize product use is by using a Spaddy to get every last drop out of my lotion, makeup, and skincare product bottles. I first saw the Spaddy on Shark Tank. The inventor didn’t make a deal, but these BPA-free mini-spatulas are a beauty go-to. And you can purchase them in larger sizes for kitchen condiments too. Finally, buy lotions, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners in bulk sizes.


We can’t discuss clean and green beauty without mention of recycling. To be honest, this can be a challenge with your skincare and beauty products as many are packaged in non-recyclable plastic. Recycle what plastics you can, purchase products packaged in glass or made from recycled plastic when possible, and always recycle the other packaging—like the box it comes in.

So let’s make an effort to incorporate some green and clean beauty in 2020! Your body and the environment will thank you.


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